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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118
Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

How does a service agreement save me money?

Service agreements save you money by restoring efficiency, preventing breakdowns and extending the life of your equipment. You can get the same maintenance without a service agreement but the cost is more. In addition, you also save on emergency service during the year and 10% for all service and repair needs.

One sewer clean per year $105/hour
Emergency call per hour $105/hour*
One repair callĀ  $70/hour*

Cost of 3 visits per year = $280/Year

Cost of service agreement $143.50/year

Savings WITH service agreementĀ  $136.50/year+

+Savings doesn’t include 10% discount for any other service calls, extended appliance life, preventing sewage backup damages, etc.



Why Buy A Service Agreement?

Peace Of Mind

When you’re a member, you have the assurance of knowing that your equipment is safe and operational.
if it doesn’t, we are there when you need us- 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Priority Service

You’ll be served first, ahead of customers, without an agreement, in the unlikely event that you do have a breakdown.


For being a member, you’ll receive discounts of 10% off all service and repairs.

Scheduling Made Easy

We will contact you by email or phone call letting you know when it’s time to schedule your next inspection/tune-up.
We’ll also keep a record of your regular maintenance if you need it.

Seasonal Tune-Ups

Maintenance is included at no additional charge when done during our normal business hours, saving you money!

Increased Equipment Life

When your system is being properly maintained, your equipment lasts longer, saving you money!

Proof & Documentation

In the case that you sell your home, you will have proof that your home’s plumbing equipment has been
properly maintained and is in good condition.


Have A Coupon? Call and Order Over The Phone To Save!



Number of Bathrooms




*(no parts included, estimated based on an average of flat-rate pricing)


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