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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118
Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

Ryan Potter – Master Plumber and General Contractor

Ryan founded Potter’s Plumbing in 2010 with nothing more than his personal truck that had his business name magnetized on the door and a box of 1000 business cards.  He also had a belief that customers should be treated better. He believed that plumbers should show up when they say, clean up when they’re done, and follow up to make sure the customer is happy.  It was a simple idea but one that isn’t practiced much in reality.  This idea made him one of the fastest growing plumbing companies in all of Reno County. In 7 years the company has gone from Ryan working alone in his truck to 6 full-time employees (Ryan included) plus a permanent location in South Hutchinson.

He’s originally from Pretty Prairie and is the father of six kids.

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