Leak Repairs

Why Should I Care About A Small Drip?


Leaky faucets can cost you a lot of water usage on your monthly utility bill! Want to know how much? We did too!  According to the United States Geological Survey Center, here’s the data. 

The average faucet leaks about 10 drips/minute. Let’s say you only have 2 faucets in your home that are dripping at the average rate.  

That’s 28,800 drops per day OR 694 gallons wasted PER YEAR! That’s a lot of water wasted!  That’s an average drip, remember. What if you have a fairly fast drip? Those same two faucets now waste 3 gallons per day. 

What about a running toilet? Think that’s not a big deal? Wrong, that’s even worse than a faucet. A running toilet can waste on average about 200 gallons a day. That’s 6,000 gallons per month literally, down the drain.  That’s also $20/month that you just wasted or $240/ year that you’re throwing away. Think about applying that to your car payment every year and how much faster your car could be paid off. 

Of course, these are the most conservative estimates. If you live outside city limits but are still on city water, it’s even more expensive.  If you live in a neighborhood that requires a bigger water line, it’s even more expensive.  Want to check it out for yourself?  Here is the City of Hutchinson’s water utility rates page.  

We’ve heard of businesses in Hutchinson who have had $1000/month added to their water bill because of a running toilet. In some cases, it will literally PAY to call a plumber and have leaky faucets or running toilets repaired right away.