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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

How Much Do We Do For Bathroom Remodels?

Great question! It’s a common misconception that because we’re plumbers we don’t actually “do” the bathroom remodel. However, that would be wrong. We have staff that can do framing, drywall, trim, vinyl flooring, windows, insulation, exhaust fans, and more. We can, but prefer not, to paint and we don’t do tile. Other than those two exceptions, we can do everything required to completely gut and finish your new bathroom.

What Type Of Materials Do You Recommend?

Not Fiberglass: Most bathrooms have commonly used fiberglass as the tub or tub and surround material. It’s fairly durable, looks good when it’s new and shiny, and inexpensive. Issues we commonly see with fiberglass is cracking and peeling. The paint on fiberglass is very thin and can be scratched easily. Simply dropping a can of shaving cream in the shower can leave a section of paint peeled revealing the black material underneath. It is also a material that doesn’t stay looking new for long. Eventually, the gloss wears off and it can show hard water stains, making it look unsightly. 

Not Tile: Tile has a huge variety of design choices and is very easy to keep clean. While tile is more durable than fiberglass, in one way it is more of a safety hazard. The grout between tiles is a porous material that does dirty after time. Most cleaning agents and methods scrape away a tiny layer of grout revealing a clean white finish. In time this creates very thin grout that moisture can penetrate. Behind the tile is drywall and studs that will mold if they get moist and aren’t exposed to air to dry out. On more than one bathroom remodel we have torn back the tile, only to realize that we have to replace most of the 2×4’s and all of the drywall.  It’s also a health hazard to be living in a home with black mold, especially in a shower area where the steam makes it airborne.

Yes, Onyx: Onyx is a man-made material that is manufactured here in Belvue, Kansas. It is a custom made product that is extremely durable and not porous. The color selection is very wide, matching any decor you could want. They even have the ability to inlay your favorite designs when the resin is still in a jello-o like form.  Feel free to browse all of the inlay choices on their website.  Since Onyx is made to order, a shower can be made any size or design you desire. If you wanted a triangle shower, that is possible with Onyx! This new freedom allows us to help customers reimagine a bathroom space to be exactly what they want. Since we’re licensed plumbers, we’re also knowledgeable to move drain and water lines however we need to. If you already know what you want, or need some guidance, we’re here to get you the bathroom of your dreams!

Onyx can be used as a top to a vanity, a complete shower, a tub deck (for drop-in tubs) or a surround on a tub. Onyx doesn’t make tubs, so we recommend Sterling tubs that are made with a baked-on finish that will stand the test of time.  It’s important to note, that you don’t need to purchase a sink when you purchase a vanity top from Onyx. The sinks and the tops are all one molded piece! The design of sinks are extensive, and you can choose from a recessed sink to an ADA sink.

Why Do We Love Onyx?

There’s no guarantee like the Onyx guarantee. It’s a true lifetime guarantee. Not your lifetime, the lifetime of the product.

A year ago, we did a bathroom remodel for a customer who had bought his house and had an Onyx vanity top. The top was already there when he purchased the house, and in fact, he didn’t quite know what he had. When we went on the estimate appointment, he had mentioned that the vanity top had a crack in the bowl.  Upon further inspection, we realized this was an old Onyx vanity. We were able to get the customer a new Onyx vanity top at no charge! The customer was thrilled and we were happy to help them!

What Is The Process?

Step 1: Call and schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Step 2: We will measure, make a quote, and invite you back to look at 3D mock-ups of your new bathroom shower/vanity/tub.

Step3: Once you’ve decided to move forward, we ask for half down and a signed estimate to secure your date.

Step 4: Wait for the Onyx to be made.

Step 5: Installation and enjoyment!

That’s really all it takes to have the bathroom of your dreams. Once you select the layout and look for your bathroom, we take it from there.

 Call today to find out what’s possible with your bathroom.


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