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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118
Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

Emergency Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

A sewer line is something that doesn’t get attention until it’s not working. Suddenly it can become the most important thing in your world. That’s when you need a company that will respond quickly to your problem!  We offer a complete line of tools and skills to fix any sewer problem you have.

Here’s a list of sewer services we offer:

  • sewer cleaning
  • sewer line locating
  • install clean outs
  • dig up and repair a sewer line (we do our own excavation)
  • install new sewer lines
  • camera sewer lines to see inside and diagnose problems

Here’s why you should choose Potter’s Plumbing for your emergency sewer line needs.  We have our own heavy equipment operator on staff and our own heavy equipment. This means we can come out any time of day or night and dig up your line if that’s required. No waiting on rental companies to have the right piece of equipment or operator’s availability. We can be out same day, usually as soon as dig safe marks the lines.  Our prices are fair and reasonable. Read our reviews to see why we have more 5 star reviews than any other plumbing company in town!

Why Does My Sewer Keep Plugging Up?


Sewer line complete overtaken with tree roots

From 1860-1970 sewer pipes were made out a material called orangeburg or clay tile. Orangeburg was a substance a little thicker than tar paper, wrapped up many times to make a hard-ish tube. Clay tile was much like the material you put plants in. Both materials are very porous and susceptible to tree root damage.  When Reno County is in a period of drought, trees will stretch roots down to find water. They aren’t picky, they will even drink “poo” water. This combination of poor materials and drought, cause massive increases in sewer blockages. 

If you can imagine a material having a hole from a growing tree root being removed, you might also realize that the hole remains even when the root is cut. This allows easy access for other roots or debris to enter the sewer pipe.  This creates a common cycle of requiring plumbers to come out and cleaning the main line. Over time, the line can collapse, break, or get a “belly” in it that causes bigger problems.

Eventually, all lines can benefit from a full replacement with new material called “schedule 40”. This is a thick, hard, PVC material that will hold up for hundreds of years. Replacing part of a sewer line or having a frugal plumber that uses “thin wall” pvc can also leave you vulnerable to future sewer problems in the future. The only way to ensure you will not have to worry is to replace the full line with new, thick pvc



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