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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118
Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

Clogged Toilet

Toilets can clog for a number of reasons. The most common reasons we see are too much paper being flushed at once. However, dropping things in a toilet that don’t belong is a close 2nd. If you have little ones, you can purchase toilet lid locks to keep them from putting foreign objects down your commode. 

How Does A Plunger Work

I’m sure you have a plunger in your home and have used it at least once. Do you really know how a plunger works? It first has to make a good seal with the drain opening on the toilet. When you push down on the plunger you are sucking all air out and thus pulling the water into the bell of the plunger. Pushing down on plunger then causes that water to travel at a high pressure through the drain opening. This sudden change in pressure can cause the wax ring that sits between your toilet and floor to break, causing water leaks at the bottom of your toilet. In some cases, we’ve even seen breaks or cracks in pipes, flanges, or the toilet bowls themselves. Either way, if you do use a plunger, be easy on the amount of force you use. Plungers are not intended to clear heavy clogs and you can cause more problems that will cost more to fix in the long run.

When in doubt, the rule of thumb, is to call a plumber to use a tool made for such a job. The “closet auger” is designed to treat the clog without causing pressure on any pipes, flanges, or the commode. It’s quick and efficient.  We offer same day emergency services, so call 620-652-4118 to make an appointment now!

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