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Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118
Emergency Service Available 24/7 ---> Call Now 620-652-4118

We’ve heard the stories. The stories of quotes from plumbing companies or remodel companies for $20,000+ for a bathroom remodel. We’ve never charged that much for a bathroom remodel. Of course, we don’t deal in granite either, so it depends on what materials are being used.

Here are the facts. 

  • Companies charging that much and quoting Onyx as the material used without any granite, are overcharging. Period.
  • We use Onyx too and we don’t have to be anywhere near that price to make a profit.
  • We have seen bathroom remodels where the customer has paid over $20,000 and our price would have been $8,000 for the exact same material and work. It DOES pay to shop around.
  • As plumbers, we have other sources of revenue besides remodels. This means we can afford to charge less.
  • It’s easier for a plumbing company to hire a carpenter in-house than it is for a remodeler to hire a plumber. (Which we do. Meet Felix)
  • Because of this, most if not all of them, hire subcontractors to do the plumbing work. If they don’t and do the work themselves, they are breaking city code and your entire project could be red flagged by the inspector.
  • When remodelers are using subcontractors you are subject to another company’s quality, availability, employees, accountability, insurance and more. The remodeler often can’t control the other company as they don’t work for him.
  • Estimates are free. It will cost you nothing but time to find out our prices.

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